Ovitz: up to his knees in Pellicano-ness

Turns out Mike Ovitz has been under much more scrutiny from law enforcement than anyone realized due to his connections with Anthony Pellicano. He was called before the grand jury, and the whole Cathy Schulman/AMG affair has been (re-)examined. From the NYT:

According to a lawyer involved in the case, Ms. Schulman told F.B.I. agents in an interview in June 2004 of conversations in which Mr. Ovitz recounted to her details of her private discussions with major Hollywood figures as soon as a day after they had occurred, and told her that he had sources who could provide him with such information.

The lawyer said Ms. Schulman told investigators that on Dec. 1, 2001, she had met secretly with Ron Meyer, the head of Universal Studios, to discuss issues involving a joint venture partner, Studio Canal, and Artists Management.

The next day, Ms. Schulman told the F.B.I., Mr. Ovitz confronted her about the meeting. Ms. Schulman asked how he knew about it, to which Mr. Ovitz responded: “I have eyes and ears everywhere. There’s nothing you can do that I won’t find out about.”

Hmmm. I wonder who Ovitz’s ‘eyes and ears’ were. Time for some enterprising offshore betting company to start taking wagers on the outcome of the Affaire de Pellicano.