Overture Films Execs Learn Fate in Company-Wide Email

Overture Films CEO Chris McGurk and COO Danny Rosett suddenly left the company on July 2. It was unclear why at the time, but now it seems it might have had to do with a company-wide email accidentally sent by Starz President Chris Albrecht.

Here are the details. Albrecht was on vacation oversees, and he checked his BlackBerry to respond to pressing business. One of the emails discussed problems at Overture, while another discussed the possibility of allowing 400 Starz employees a chance to head home early.
Albrecht dealt with the Overture problem first; he wanted to discuss possibly firing Overture’s CEO and COO once he returned from his vacation. The problem: He sent that email to the 400 employees he was planning on letting leave early, including Overture’s CEO and COO. Uh, Oops.
Starz spokesman Allan Mayer responded to The Los Angeles Times, confirming the story.

“Chris Albrecht inadvertently sent an e-mail to the whole company that was supposed to go just to senior executives at Starz,” he said. “In it, he discussed the removal of Chris McGurk and Danny Rosett. It was an unfortunate and embarrassing mistake and Albrecht and the company immediately apologized to McGurk and Rosett.”

McGurk and Rosett’s left after receiving the email, as they should have. I can’t see this helping Overture’s financial problems.