Overstock.com To Sell B&N eBooks

Overstock.com has partnered with Barnes & Noble to sell eBooks through its website using the Nook Store.

As you can see from the image on the left, Overstock.com shoppers will now be able to buy digital books in a transaction that is powered through Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store. Overstock.com currently carries Certified pre-owned editions of the Nook Color for $149.

Overstock.com president Jonathan Johnson stated: “As the number one seller of refurbished Nook devices, we are pleased to partner with Barnes & Noble to expand our product offering so that our customers have fast, easy access to the breadth of digital content that Barnes & Noble offers.”

The partnership is the first for Barnes & Noble, though the book retailer does sell its eReading devices in other retail stores including Target, Best Buy and Staples. Perhaps they will be next to sell eBooks.