Outlook for Media Still Dim as Layoffs Continue

Mags 1_edited.jpgOnce again we find ourselves knee-deep in Friday afternoon layoff news. Nobody who reads this blog needs us to tell them that employment news on the media front is dim. Perhaps the only upshot right now is that while the floor falls out on the print world at a far more alarming rate than anyone could have anticipated, there remains the chance that it will also right itself more quickly than we can now imagine. We do suspect that the days of providing free content, both from the writer and for the reader, may also be drawing to a close — it’s hard to generate good content when all your time is devoted to figuring out how to pay the rent! And if nothing else right now the reading public has grown very used to good content. They will miss it if it disappears.

Anyway, sometimes things are less scary when you put a number to them (or not, but we’re going to give you numbers anyway). Folio took a look back over the last few weeks and came up with this tally:

The numbers are staggering: 22 at American Express Publishing; 30 at Southern Progress; 111 at Rodale; as many as 600 at Time Inc.; an unspecified number at Conde Nast, where a 5 percent across the board budget cut was implemented; and just yesterday more cuts were announced at Hearst.

Speaking of Hearst, we just reported on the folding of O at Home, and Gawker is reporting that Hearst’s previously announced layoffs have hit Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Esquire. In the meantime, let us help you as much as we can.