Outed Journolister Leaves Country for Family Emergency

You never wish for something bad to happen. But when the spotlight is shining so bright, getting out of the glare can be a relief.
The Hill‘s Gautham Nagesh, who was outed as a Journolister last week by WaPo‘s baby blogger powerhouse Ezra Klein and later written about by HuffPost‘s Sam Stein, has temporarily left the country.
No, Nagesh hasn’t pulled a fast one like actor Mel Gibson, who’s contemplating a move to his birthplace of Australia after another bout of outlandish remarks. Nagesh has gone to India to visit an ailing relative.
Read the e-mail in which Nagesh asks colleagues to fill in for him in his absence. “I will be forever in your debt,” he says to anyone willing to trade weekends with him…

Subject: Weekend Coverage July 31st
As you may know, I was forced to leave the country this week for a
family emergency. My return is tentatively scheduled for August 1st,
but unfortunately I’m slated to serve as weekend blogger for this
coming weekend (July 31st). If anyone is willing to trade weekends
with me I will be forever in your debt. I should be able to check my
email periodically, so please let me know if you are amenable. Thanks
and have a good weekend.