Out with the Old, In with the 2.0


And, to close out the day for this writer, we thought we’d share with you Zeldman’s funny piece, “Web 2.0 Thinking Game.” It’s in response to the big media outlets labeling the buyout of YouTube by Google as “Web 2.0 has come of age.” So he plays around a bit, showing the difference between Web 1.0 (boo, hiss) and Web 2.0 (hooray, and, oh, wait, I have to do all this extra work and share stuff?). But the real fun gets going when he asks for readers’ takes on the game. If you haven’t already spent the good portion of a day looking at this sometime this week, it’ll provide you with a good way to get both your humor and geek-ery intake in at the same time. And kill some hours.