Out = David Gregory, In = Victoria Jones?

vjones.jpgLooks like someone is jockeying to steal David Gregory’s title as Most Pestering White House Reporter.

Meet Victoria Jones, managing editor of the DC-based Talk Radio News Service, and watch her confront Scott McClellan yesterday over claims made by Jack Abramoff.

    JONES: Would he still then be saying that he does not remember meeting Abramoff on a dozen occasions?

    MCCLELLAN: You heard directly from the president on this matter. Go ahead–

    JONES: No, we haven’t. We didn’t know there were as many meetings as this at that time.

    MCCLELLAN: Go ahead.

Jones hasn’t endeared herself with the right wing, who consider her the left-wing’s version of Jeff Gannon.

From RedState.org: “Remember the media outrage when Jeff Gannon appeared at the White House press briefings? I’d like to hear them justify how Victoria Jones is any more an objective, professional journalist than Gannon/Guckert/Whoever ever was. Having Jones sit in the White House press briefing audience is like having Al Franken there.”

Of course, it’s very easy to say that the Gannon kerfuffle was about right-wing journalism, but no one really attacked the idea of partisans in the briefing room. Instead the Gannon objection was about bad journalists in the briefing room. There are plenty of right-wingers and left-wingers who grill McClellan — but what people object to are hacks.