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Posting about Design-erly is so meta that our heads both simultaneous exploded. We’re a site about design and it’s a site about the design of sites that are about design. So we’re a design site posting about a site that writes and analyzies design sites. Carefully, so your head doesn’t explode to, think about it for a second and then move on to the next sentence. Okay, here we are again. But we’re off the kidding now, so you can resume thinking safely now. The site is great, written in a style that’s almost colligate in tone, meaning that you’re getting a lot more than your usual (or our usual at least) “that stinks” and “that’s great.” It’s brilliantly written, is what we’re saying. And through this deep analysis, at least for us anyway, it helps further that idea that sites like these have become more than “just” websites. That these are very important destinations for information. It’s often easy to forget that because, like it or not, there is still something of a ranking of significance between the internet vs. print and all other forms of media (save for maybe the very unpopular zines-via-telegraph). The site is still relatively new, having gone over just a few sites, Michael Surtees’ wonderful Design*Notes and the ever-popular Design Observer, but here’s to hoping for much, much more. It’s in our bookmarks now. We’ll be coming back at least.