Vegas Art Project Migrates from Web to Gallery Spaces

After a two-year sojourn in Los Angeles, 26-year-old artist Alexandria Lee is back in Las Vegas. Per a fun little item in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, she performs by day as the Showbot for the Blue Man Group show at the Monte Carlo and is separately one the people being shown in the gallery phase of “Our Las Vegas,” a cultural animation public art project that began online.

As you’ll see if you look at the photo that accompanies Carol Cling’s article, Lee’s painting connects only in the strictest abstract sense to the concept of “Las Vegas.” Lee says her inspiration came from a classic fairy tale character:

The painting “RFID Chip” shows a woman with an apple (accented by the title radio-frequency identification chip) in her mouth — and the phrase “to protect private property from the masses” repeated in the background, echoing the traditional punishment for naughty students: writing on the blackboard 500 times.

The painting, Lee says, was inspired by, among other things, Snow White’s poisoned apple and the question of “what we want, what we don’t want — and what we get.”

“Our Las Vegas” was launched online in May 2012. The bricks-and-mortar phase of the project can currently be seen at the downtown spaces City Hall Gallery and Emergency Arts.

[Photo-logo courtesy: Ginger Bruner/”Our Las Vegas“]