Osmos for iPad: Ambient Gaming – Who Knew Slow Motion Could be So Much Fun?

I noticed Apple named
Osmos for iPad ($4.99)
as an app of the week last week. So, I took a look a the screen shots and did not understand what it did. So, I went to YouTube and looked at the game maker demonstrate the game (see embedded video below). And, guess what? I still didn’t understand why it might be entertaining. I watched the app stay at the top of the iPad paid apps list and finally became curious enough to spend $4.99 to buy a copy for myself. So far, the $4.99 looks like a well spent piece of change (though productivity may suffer for it).
The game has a slight Katamari feel to it. The main goal is to increase the size of the “plasma” ball that you are given. You do this by absorbing smaller ball-blobs and avoiding larger ones. You’ll also have to worry about anti-matter ball-blobs a few levels after you start. You can an instant feel for Newtonian physics the moment you start your plasma ball in motion. It stays in motion until you have it eject a bit of itself to produce propulsion to change direction or slow it down. This probably doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. But, I was surprised how entertaining and challenging this process is. I’m not sure if it will replace Plants vs. Zombies as my favorite iPad game. But, Osmos will certainly subtract from my total hours of productivity.

Video courtesy of HemisphereGames