Oscar Niemeyer Gives Up Fight in Brasilia Over Changing Its Skyline

Earlier this week we reported that architecture great Oscar Niemeyer was in the midst of a battle with the city of Brasilia in his attempt to alter its skyline that he himself helped to design from the ground up almost fifty years ago with a new, giant curved building to celebrate that very anniversary. But despite his expressed determination to keep the fight going, he has instead decided to bring an end to the hostilities immediately by withdrawing his plans. Here’s a bit:

Niemeyer says in a letter published Wednesday in the Correio Braziliense newspaper that he won’t fight to build his envisioned “Plaza of Sovereignty” in Brasilia because the government has made clear it won’t fund the project at the UNESCO world heritage site.

The 101-year-old architect’s proposal had prompted many to try to save the city from its own creator.