O’Reilly to Host First Ever eReader Petting Zoo at TOC 2012

If you haven’t made plans to attend the Tools of Change Conference, which is coming up in another few weeks, be prepared to drool with envy. O’Reilly will be having an eReader petting zoo on the last day of the conference, and we already have a couple dozen devices waiting to go on display.

Over the past couple months I have been working with Joe Wikert to bring together various tablet and eReader manufacturers. I’ve also dipped into my collection to provide some eReader that you might not see elsewhere.

The critter list covers most of the major US eReader makers (Sony, Amazon, B&N, Kobo), as well as Apple, and several smaller tablet manufacturers. We also have commitments for some lesser known devices including the new Ectaco Jetbook Color, Kyobo Mirasol eReader, iriver Story HD. And there’s going to be an Endangered Species table (space permitting) with an HP TouchPad, RIM Playbook, and eReaders as old as the Sony Data Discman.

Now would be  good time to make plans to attend. You can get more info on this digital publishing conference at the Tools of Change website. If you have a device that you would like to put on display, you can reach me at nate.hoffelder@gmail.com.