Orange Unveils Limited Subscription Music Service

Orange has launched a music subscription service with both a PC-based and mobile interface. Dubbed Musique Max, the French mobile operator has put enough restrictions on it to make you question the “Max” part of the name, if not the “Musique.”

AfterDawn reports that, unlike most subscription services, Musique Max caps downloads at 500 songs a month, with each additional track costing 99 euro cents. All tracks are Windows Media files complete with DRM, which limits the songs to a maximum of five PCs and five portable devices – and means no iPod or iPhone.

There is one aspect that we have a hard time believing the record labels agreed to. According to the article, once a song is downloaded, it never expires, even when a user cancels the subscription.

Orange has secured music from all four major label groups and a bunch of independents. It charges 12 euros a month for the service.