Orange County Register Says Thanks with Highly Innovative Non-Profit Fundraising Campaign

As if dozens of anachronistic full-time newspaper jobs and a renewed commitment to the print side of the Orange County Register isn’t enough, the paper’s new publisher Aaron Kushner is giving OC residents yet another reason to feel thankful that he is their local paper’s owner.

A special gift cheque program rolling into driveways and mailboxes this weekend is set to earmark up to $12.4 million in “ad dollars” for OC non-profits. Here’s how the program works:

The Register’s 124,000-plus seven-day subscribers are receiving receiving gold envelopes in the mail during the next few weeks immediately after the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Each envelope contains a $100 gift cheque, which they may designate to an Orange County-based 501c3 charitable organization they care about most passionately.

Subscribers will then sign and mail back the $100 gift cheques to the Register. Charities will be notified in the coming weeks on how many gift cheques they’ve received, and will be invited to redeem those cheques toward advertising in the Register and its community newspapers. The program will enhance our members’ ability to market their events, to recruit volunteers and fundraising efforts.

Brilliant. A win-win this wishbone weekend, if there ever was one. When Kushner announced the program last week, he called it the paper’s “biggest investment yet.”