Opus Hotel to Add iPhones to Hotel Rooms

Planning to go to the Vancouver area any time soon? The next time you stay in a hotel room might give you a chance to test out a new iPhone.

A boutique hotel in British Columbia has recently unveiled plans to replace all the existing landline telephones in their hotel rooms with Phones.  USA Today has more details:

The Opus hotel in Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown neighborhood is in the process of making the switch to iPhones, figuring that guests — especially those from the USA — will know how to use them and appreciate having a Canadian phone to eliminate international roaming fees on their personal phones.

The phone is going to be available for guests to take with them as they go about their business. The phones will include a data plan as well as a voice plan. This should help the guest stay connected to the Internet as well as to their home and office.  The phones will also have each of the hotel’s departments on speed dial, and local calls are complimentary.

Opus is also well know for being the first hotel in Canada to offer an iPad in every room.