Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 Available

Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 on Windows Mobile 6.1

Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 is available for Nokia and Windows Mobile smartphones…


I gave beta 2 a test drive on my HTC Touch Pro2 last week and was left surprisingly unimpressed. I say “surprisingly” since Opera Mobile (vs. Opera mini which has always been unimpressive to me) struck me as a full-featured mobile browser that had a reasonable user interface and ran reasonably quickly on the one or two Windows Mobile phones I’ve tried it on over the years. Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 seemed to render the same web page different ways over the hour or so I played with it last week. I also found its navigation odd and unpredictable. I’ll give beta 3 (or newer) a try again in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll use Skyfire for the rare instances when I need to browse the web on my Windows Mobile phone.