Ooh, Shiny! Sprint 3G/4G WiFi Router Available: OverDrive

Image courtesy of Sprint

I was wowed by the MiFi when Verizon and Sprint introduced it last spring. The ability to route 3G wireless data to WiFi simplifies the process of getting all kinds of computing devices including notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, and even portable game consoles online from nearly anywhere. What could possibly be better? How about a device that routes both 3G and 4G (even faster) wireless data to WiFi devices? That’s what Sprint introduced this week for their hybrid 3G/4G service…

Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless

More information about Sprint 4G WiMax serivce (Sprint partnered with Clear for 4G) can be found here…


Sprint normally charges $79.99 per month for the combined 3G/4G plan. However, it is currently available for $69.99 per month. I do not know how long this $10 per month discounted rate will last. And, be aware that while the 4G service reported has true unlimited data use per month, the 3G service is still capped at 5GB per month.