Only 28% of Australia’s Publishers have a Well-Developed Digital Strategy

The Copyright Agency Limited, an Australian content licensing agency, has just  released a comprehensive report on the state of Australia’s digital publishing industry. The report is a fascinating mix of data, and it’s based on responses from a group of just over 2 thousand publishers, authors, and interested third parties.

It reveals some surprising For example, just over half of publishers produce digital content, and of the one who do, 14% make most of their income from digital content. Also, 43% of authors have a work available in digital form and about 10% of that group make most of their income from eBooks.

Direct sales seems to be the most popular way to sell eBooks, with 26% of authors and 61% of publishers selling eBooks on their own websites. The Kindle Store comes in second place, with iBooks or Google Books a distant third.

There’s quite a bit of data in this report – far more than can be covered here. But here’s one last detail: far more respondents own an iPad than a Kindle, even though they’re more likely to sell in the Kindle Store.

Survey report summary

image by wilf2