Online News Association Unveils Revamped

The Online News Association is having a busy week. In addition to holding its annual conference (which our own Ethan Klapper is attending) the news organization just unveiled a new site, complete with a redesigned logo and a slew of new features. 

“We like to think of this as push/pull site,” said an email to ONA members announcing the new site. “We’ll be pushing out new content that speaks to the interests of our membership — everything from featured members and networking, to tools and tech reviews, to briefings on the industry’s bigger issues. And given that our membership itself is our biggest and best resource (anyone see a theme here?), we will be pulling this impressive group together, connecting and building our community, making it easy for you to find and share with each other. And us.”

There are some pretty cool new features. Some of them, like Tools & Tech or the Job Board, are for members only. Just a note: Current ONA members will have to reset their password to access the new

Here’s a rundown of the latest additions to

  • Tools & Tech: A members-only feature, come here to find a “mix of free tools, shareware and open-source solutions available for your personal toolkit.” Members can comment and rate each item.
  • Featured Member: Every week, a new ONA member will be profiled.
  • Job Board: Another members-only feature, this is the place to go to find newly posted jobs.
  • Briefing Room: ONA describes this as section as “journalism’s growing pains mean managing big changes and their fallout at a lightning-fast pace. We don’t have all the answers, so we’ll curate the best thinking from experts in a variety of fields to demystify the pressing subjects of the day. Then, we turn it over to you.”
  • Just the Apps, Ma’am: A no-frills look at a helpful marketplace tool.
  • Test Drive: Latoya Peterson’s reviews on the latest gadgets, complete with how-tos and a bottom-line critique.

The last three aren’t up yet but I perused the Tools & Tech site and really liked what I saw. It’s brand new so there aren’t any comments yet but this section has so much potential. At its most basic, this feature lists and defines different tools journalists could use. But it goes deeper and delves into things like Googl+, text editors and more. It’s really useful for a variety of journalists, from news reporters to data journalists.

What do you think of ONA’s new site and features?