One More Dinosaur Bone To Pick


Add another chapter to the Chip KiddHoward Grossman epic Jurassic vs. Tyrannosaurs book cover battle. Lisa Turner sends us the tiny image you see to the left along with this little anecdote:

Actually, the story is more complicated than what you’ve reported. What’s really interesting is that Jurassic Park’s cover looks almost exactly like Doug Preston‘s first book, published years earlier, called Dinosaurs in the Attic (about the Museum of Natural History). Here’s the original Doug Preston cover, changed later (possibly so it wouldn’t look like Jurassic Park).

Later versions of the book are certainly different but it’s still hard to tell if Kidd actually ripped off this book’s design. Our list of potential dinosaur imagery is limited, for obvious reasons, so there’s only so much you can do with the subject matter. If someone wants to contribute some more evidence to this archaeological design dig, we’d be grateful. Or if you could send us a book cover actually designed by a dinosaur, that would be awesome, too.