Get News Fast And Simple With OneMinuteNews

Got a minute? Then you’ve got time to catch up on the latest news of the day thanks to the crew at OneMinuteNews.

Founded by former MTV ad executive Doug Greenlaw, the bulk of OneMinuteNews’ content (and their primary draw) are small, minute-long news reports on the top stories of the day in the fields of technology, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. In a time where 140-character tweets can often constitute the basis for a news story, OneMinuteNews delivers news in a fun, informative, and personable delivery, as you can see below.

Users of OneMinuteNews can search for news via topic or correspondent, and will soon offer RSS feeds for content as well as advertising, mobile applications, and a sports scoreboard. The correspondents also keep an active group Tumblr where they add longer form entries, and where users can leave comments. OneMinuteNews is partnered with news aggregator HyperVocal, a site which dubs itself as “post-partisan Internet Sherpas, groundskeepers of rationality, and arbiters of reality and pseudo-nonsense.”

You can follow OneMinuteNews at their website or on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.