One Library’s Response to HarperCollins

Late last week the news broke that HarperCollins was now going to limit how many times an ebook would be checked out. The response on the internet has been scathing, and here is what one particular library thought about the new rules.

Pioneer Library System is based in and around Norman, OK, and is a partnership of 9 public libraries. PLS is not too please with the new rule, and until it changes PLS will no longer buy HarperCollins ebooks. the library only has limited funds, and the money is obviously better spent elsewhere.

PLS posted a video showing the absurdity of a 26 checkout limit, and they also had this to say:

The argument against the arbitrary number is twofold. First, replacement of books in libraries is based upon the condition of the book, not the number of times it has been checked out.  It is not unusual for popular books to be checked out 100 times or more before the wear and tear of circulation takes its toll and the book has to be replaced or repaired.  Second, eBooks, too, eventually wear out. The electronic file formats become obsolete in a matter of years as technology progresses and customer interests change.  Remember the switch from VHS to DVD or cassette to CD?

via PLS