One Chris Anderson, Two Chris Anderson, Three Chris Anderson…

Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson and Chris Anderson.

The Observer’s Tom Scocca clears up any confusion about the two Pat Healys at the New York Times. One Pat covers Long Island the other covers Albany.
Which reminds us: Chris Anderson. And Chris Anderson. And the other Chris Anderson. There are (at least) three prominent media-related Chris Andersons. Just so you don’t get them confused:
Chris Anderson #1: The editor-in-chief of Wired magazine. Ex-Economist guy.
Chris Anderson #2: Prominent war photographer. Was a founding member of (but has since left, we’re not sure why) Agency VII, the Paris-based photo agency that also includes legendary photographers Jim Nachtwey, Gary Knight, etc.
Chris Anderson #3: TED conference guru. #40 on I.D.’s recent “I.D. 40: Who Drives Design?” list.
Any Chris Andersons we’re leaving out?