On Memogate and CBS

Departing for a minute from the news of the day, CBS Public Eye “Nonbudsman” Vaughn Ververs today tackled the elephant that has been sitting on his blog since its launch earlier this fall: Memogate.

“For some, whether or not Public Eye speaks out on Memogate has become a litmus test of our seriousness, guts and honesty. I think that’s sort of silly,” he writes. “Long before PE debuted, the questions I was most often asked were: Would Memogate have happened if Public Eye had been around then? And, what difference would Public Eye have made?”

He goes on through the case point-by-point (“Are the documents fake? Nothing I’ve seen leads me to believe they are authentic.”) and does a thorough accounting in five parts of whether CBS accounted for itself during the aftermath. His take, yes and no.

Even on a busy day like today, the whole piece is worth reading.