OmniTouch Research Prototype: Forget Touch Screens. Here Comes Touch Anything

Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute and Microsoft have a research prototype system that may change the way we interact with computing devices in the future. OmniTouch combines a projector with a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect camera system to allow any surface to become and interactive touch interface.

While the system looks large and clumsy, keep in mind that this is a very early concept prototype. Miniaturization and industrial design are months or years away. The concept, however, is fascinating. This can change the way even small devices like smartphones may have larger virtual illuminated interfaces in the future. And, you can imagine how this opens up the possibility for social interactions both in a shared real space as well as over networks.

You can find more information about OmniTouch linked below:

OmniTouch: Wearable Multitouch Interaction Everywhere (

CMU Researchers Create a Multitouch Surface Everywhere (

Video courtesy of chrisharrisoncmu