Booty Quest on top of this week’s emerging games on Facebook

Outplay Entertainment’s match-3 game Booty Quest took the top spot on this week’s top emerging games on Facebook, growing by an estimated 28,586 monthly active users for a 27 percent gain. AppData estimates that this puts the game at 90,000 MAU.

Coming in at the No. 2 spot is adictiz’s turn-based card game Laboratz with 28,541 new MAU for a gain of 28 percent. Last week’s top Facebook game, القاهر (“Omnipotent”) from developer BigGameNOW, dropped to the No. 3 spot with 21,670 MAU for a gain of 30 percent. Coming in at the  No. 4 spot is LOLGames’ LOLCasino with 21,428 MAU for a 42 percent gain. Finally, closing out this week’s list top emerging games on Facebook is Indiagames’ Cricket Fever Challenge with 21,307 MAU and a 52 percent gain.

Other notable gainers this week are SGN’s The Official Paddle Ball with 20,625 MAU for a gain of 49 percent and Con-Sol’s Wolf Pack with 17,114 for a gain 83 percent.

1.  Booty Quest90,000+28,586+ 27%
2.  Laboratz90,000+28,541+ 28%
3.  القاهر60,000+21,670+ 30%
4.  LOLCasino40,000+21,428+ 42%
5.  Cricket Fever Challenge30,000+21,307+ 52%
6.  The Official Paddle Ball30,000+20,625+ 49%
7.  Wolf pack10,182+17,114+ 83%
8.  Party Town90,000+11,864+ 10%
9.  Football Mania90,000+11,864+ 10%
10.  Mahjong Diamonds90,000+11,864+ 10%
11.  Insanity95,000+11,864+ 10%
12.  World Golf Tour80,000+11,742+ 10%
13.  Tekel Okey80,000+11,742+ 10%
14.  Big Fish Casino80,000+11,742+ 10%
15.  Confrontation Web Card Gamexxxxx80,000+11,742+ 10%
16.  Big Story Little Heroes89,280+11,742+ 10%
17.  Vegas Dream Poker90,000+11,742+ 10%
18.  My Country80,000+11,622+ 11%
19.  Universal Film Mogul80,000+11,622+ 11%
20.  JAXSPOT: Games & Rewards60,000+11,501XXXX+ 12%


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.