Olivia Nuzzi and the #ClintonKid

Reporter takes on the challenge of fully vetting a supermarket tabloid shocker.

The sub-headline for Olivia Nuzzi’s May 20 Daily Beast piece reads: ‘I tried to report out a supermarket tabloid story decades later. You’ll probably believe what happened next.’ She’s right; we believed it.


The story first propagated Feb. 18. 1992 by weekly supermarket tabloid The Globe alleges that Bill Clinton is the father of Danney Williams, born in late 1985 to an Arkansas prostitute. Nuzzi rock-skips past Newsmax, ABC, Star magazine, The Drudge Report, The Globe (again, in 2013) and the fall 2015 book The Clintons’ War on Women before landing at the bottom of the ripple pond:

On Facebook message, Danney asked for my contact information and said he’d reach out “soon.”

About a month went by, during which time Danney told me that his step-dad passed away. “It’s painful,” he said, “because he stepped up to be my father when my father chose to run. I won’t be available today to due to (sic) this unfortunate event.”

He never did call, though he provided the name of his attorney: George Gates. Every lawyer by that name who I reached, however, had never heard Danney’s name – though one of them was extremely amused.

Then, Danney agreed to provide Gates’s phone number – but this time Danney referred to him as “Gio Gates.”

“He serves as my media agent, so all media contact has to go through him,” Danney said.

Gates never returned multiple calls and voicemails.

While Williams is actively making his case on social media, it seems he chose not to do the same when presented the opportunity by a mainstream media reporter. Nuzzi goes on to highlight a number of other unanswered calls and an intriguing, casual remark made by an employee at Williams’ old high school.

P.S. When Nuzzi brought up with Robert Morrow, co-author of the aforementioned book, a DNA test trumpeted by Star magazine, he told her, “They made it up!”