Old Media Invades New Media Webby Awards

Webby_Logo.jpgYesterday, the dinosaurs revealed the best work in the print newspaper world. Today, us Web kids get our turn. The Huffington Post, “I Got a Crush on Obama” and The Onion are all nominated for the 12th Annual Webby awards.

Ironically, none other than The New York Times (16 nominations) leads the list. A Webby would sure look nice on the shelf next to the two Pulitzers the Grey Lady just won. The online arms of two other ancient media outlets, NPR and PBS, checked in second and third with eight and seven noms, respectively. Continuing the trend started yesterday, the Los Angeles Times was shut out.

Because it wouldn’t be a contest without audience participation, you can vote for your favorites at the Webby People’s Voice. Thanks for that opportunity, Nokia!