Old APC Mobile Power Pack Can Recharge an iPhone 4 or iPad


I bought my APC Mobile Power Pack several years ago for about $50 (if memory serves me correctly). I carry it with me nearly everyday even though I only use it a couple of times a year (think of it like a spare tire). The card pack sized device is small and light enough that I don’t mind carrying around. It has served me well the few times I’ve needed it recharging Windows Mobile phones, Android phones and even my iPhone 3G.

However, I had not tried it with my iPhone 4 or iPad until a couple of days ago while preparing for my upcoming trip. As Apple device owners know, some peripherals that worked with an older iPod or iPhone might not work with a newly released device. The dreaded message about not being compatible with an accessory appears on the Apple device when this happens.

Fortunately, no such message appeaed when I plugged the iPhone 4 into the APC Mobile Power Pack. And, I was a bit shocked when my iPad reported that it was recharging when I plugged the APC into it. I suspect, the iPad won’t get much of a recharge from the Mobile Power Pack. However, any tiny bit of power help is appreciated when you see a device nearly completely drained and are far from a power outlet.