Oklahoma Continues to Lead Nation in Seasonal Gingerbread Architecture

In Decembers past, we’ve told you about the Usonian gingerbread house classes offered by the Price Tower Arts Center, housed in Frank Lloyd Wright‘s “prairie skyscraper.” This year the Bartlesville, Oklahoma institution switched things up with something much more ornate than Wright’s pared-down dwellings for “common people.” On Saturday, the Price Tower offered amateur gingerbread architects the opportunity to make an edible cathedral under the guidance of pastry artist Sandy McLelland. The change of style was in honor of the current exhibition, “William Schickel: Spirit Made Manifest,” on view through January 9. And Oklahomans needn’t worry if they missed out on the icing action at the Price Tower. Tomorrow pastry architects Omar Galban and Steven Reasor will unveil a trio of elaborate gingerbread structures at Inverness Village, a retirement community in Tulsa. The duo devoted more than 120 hours to the holiday spread, which includes a three-foot-tall gingerbread replica of the Sistine Chapel—complete with powdered sugar versions of Michelangelo‘s ceiling paintings and a lighted floor made of sugar. Those interested in licking the famous frescoes or preserving them for eternity under a festive coat of shellac can bid away: all of the gingerbread creations will be auctioned, with the proceeds going to charity.