Oh, To Learn Atop a Roof…


Usually conferences and events are interesting to hear about from afar, but if you don’t live within close proximity, are you really feeling drawn toward travelling just to attend? In the case of The Future Marketing Summit coming up in New York on Feb. 23rd, it’s one of those things that has us checking our banks to see if we can cover the entry fee, the plane ticket, and getting out our rolodex to see who we know who lives in NY and has a comfortable couch. Sure, it’s not the sort of thing everyone would be super excited by, but for some of us, getting the chance to meet Alex Bogusky and a selection of hip internet folk would be a blast. It’s sort of a who’s who in branding, marketing, and advertising (which means, as a bonus, there will also be a big orgy of binge drinking afterwards and you will get to see most, if not all, of these people rip roaring drunk — might help in a future job interview). Here’s the synopsis:

Structured and presented ‘in the round’ through a series of challenging panel-based presentations and discussions, this event has been crafted in collaboration with leading agency figures to provide the answers you are looking for, and to challenge many of the preconceptions already out there. This exciting day is a must for anyone involved in brand communication who wants to get a clearer picture of the live issues. This is not a day for platitudes or lecturing, this is a day that has been put together to help you prepare your business, your staff, your pitches and your client relationships for the future.