Oh Great, Now the First Amendment’s Gone Too…

Anyone who’s been in DC long enough is intimately familiar with the government’s efforts to eradicate the Second Amendment. Eminently reasonable human and originator of sensible policy solutions Wayne LaPierre has made that obvious to anyone within shouting range (And you wonder why we don’t go to the Capital Grille anymore….)

But of course, us media types don’t much care about that because 1) we all have very limp and slender wrists that are incapable of wielding weapons anyway and 2) it’s likely that we would be the victims of more gun violence, if there were more guns, because we make people very angry.

But now the government has gone too far! They’re going after Our Precious -The First Amendment! Goddamnit, that’s the whole reason we have a briefing room in the White House! That’s the whole reason we have a Planet Hollywood DC Newseum!

The Evil Government Culprits this time are the Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit. Together they have, according to Bloomberg columnist Noah Feldman, essentially eradicated the wall between individual actions of protected free speech and so-called “coordinated” actions with terrorists to actually abet or incite violence.

The case in question is that of Tarek Mehanna, a hapless idiot who attempted to Lawrence-of-Arabia his way to a jihad camp in Yemen, and upon failing miserably, decided to instead translate jihadi propaganda and upload it to the Internet. In some jujitsu-esque twist of logic, the Courts have ruled that this independent act of translation and uploading -which normally would be protected free speech -is actually terrorism because, you know, 9-11 and such.

The whole story is interesting but complicated, and your editor is too hungover to really explain it very well. Just read it for yourself. And weep. And then drink. More.