Oh, Blinking Backgrounds, How We Miss You

In another bit of terrific writing, we were, again, lead the the fantastic Ping Magazine, who this week, took a look at web trends, both past and present, and sought out what was dead and what will soon be. It has a tremendous amount of insight about the current landscape of web design, but you’ll also find yourself saying, “Oh, I totally forgot about that! You used to see that everywhere!” No doubt, a fair share of readers will also even remember using some of the “not hot” design trickery from those bygone eras (see: months ago). So if you’re all interested in trends, which as a self-respecting designer, you should be, while simultaneously eschewing all such things, claiming that you “are far beyond trends!” Here’s some in the section about Pixel fonts:

I’d say it was around the late 90s when pixel fonts really started to take off. At the time, adding a pixel font to any design suddenly transformed it into something “cutting edge”. Pixel fonts provided a certain futuristic and technological je-ne-sais-quois that normal, readable fonts simply couldn’t provide. Popularised by flash gurus such as Joshua Davis, pixel fonts also provided designers with a handy method of putting lots of content up on screen without compromising space. After all, users would be much more inclined to move their faces closer to the screen than have to scroll the page a bit, right? RIGHT?