‘Office Life Is Seldom As It’s Portrayed On TV Sitcoms’

For one thing, people get real work done in real offices.

The complaint of an anonymous seeker of help to Media Life’s advice column is that her officemates are “boring” and “extremely clicky” (neologism of the MONTH, by the way).

“I have gradually turned from a happy-go-lucky, uber-social employee to a hermit who literally comes to work to do my job and then leaves,” writes the girl, who is pretty upset. We would be too. Good coworkers are a crucial part of enjoying any job.

The advice columnist, Rachel (no relation!), has some suggestions:

I’m guessing you are just recently out of school, and while it’s possible that you have landed at an agency that’s truly a grind to work for, my sense is that you may be expecting too much social interaction at work.

Office life is seldom as it’s portrayed on TV sitcoms, and I think a lot of young people coming into the workforce face a struggle in coming to terms with the reality of their first jobs.

Relationships in the workplace tend to develop over time, and they typically emerge as people work together and develop respect for the others’ talents and ability to get the job done.

Sure, but “Outgoing” has been there for two and a half years.

We agree that office life is nothing like it looks like on TV, but if you’re feeling shut out of the “clicks” after this long, maybe it really isn’t the right environment for you.

Cultural fit is important.

Rachel suggested that “Outgoing” give her coworkers another chance, and if she has to leave, don’t explain why. We might give different advice.

If you’re that unhappy at work, your work will suffer. Find an agency that projects the vibe you want. Ping-pong table in the office, yes or no? Work hard play hard or play less with the ability to then punch out at 5 instead of 8? Your call. Then go into the interview and be honest. “My current job wasn’t a good fit with my personality; I’m a very gregarious person and work best in a team.” Ain’t nothing wrong with being a team player.

Would you take our advice or would you tell us to take our own advice and shove it? Let us know in the comments.