Offerpal Adds Customizable Virtual Currency Analytics Tools

Virtual currency monetization platform Offerpal Media today announced the launch of its Virtual Currency Analytics package, enabling social networks, online games, virtual worlds, and mobile apps to get detailed reports on user behavior and monetization trends.

The new tools enable social publishers to track both the activity and monetization performance of its user base through hand-picked attributes. Some of the most popular reports include user level, character type, install source, account age, and demographics. Publishers can also see tbese attributes per application.

Trackable metrics include revenue, impressions, unique visitors, offer clicks, offer completions, eCPM, click through rate, conversion rate, revenue per click, and earnings per click. For example, here’s what a sample graph of revenues and uniques segmented by user level looks like:

For anyone who hasn’t heard, incentivized virtual currency is generating substantial revenues for many social game developers. Companies like Offerpal, Super Rewards, Peanut Labs, Sometrics, Gambit, and others are helping developers optimize their monetization rates at the user, offer, and payment level – and the industry is growing rapidly.