Off the Media: Teeny Tiny Legs

This week’s edition of On the Media had us:

duckworth2.jpg… wincing at the unfortunate juxtaposition of a piece prominently featuring congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs fighting in Iraq, with a comment by co-host Brooke Gladstone about how the Band of Brothers trying to get Democratic veterans elected doesn’t “have legs, at least not long ones.” She was setting up Bill Powers of The National Journal, who said: “I think it has tiny legs. It has some legs. It’s walking on those legs now because it catches you off guard” that a group of veterans are running for office and they are Democrats.

… noticing the irony of ABC Newsman Sam Donaldson — who came to fame after shouting at presidents on camera — calling for cameras to be taken out of the White House briefing room. For the record: we love Sam. We worked with him, even once fixed his White House computer. But, Sam, really.

… intrigued that former presidential spox Mike McCurry wants cameras out of the White House briefing room, too, and glad Brooke called him on the irony of a White House spox wanting the media to “filter” the news rather than let us all have it live.

… interested in Jay Rosen quoting late media scholar Neil Postman that we were getting smarter via written word until we started getting dumber when all the other media came to prominence. Question we would have asked Neil if we could have seen him at NYU: are blogs (like Rosen’s) making us smarter?

UPDATE: We asked Prof. Rosen what Postman might have thought. His reply:

“He passed a few weeks after I started PressThink, so I really don’t know what his reaction would have been. Neil always said that the printing press democratized literacy and its benefits. If he had lived a little longer, I think we could have shown him that blogging democratized the printing press.”

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