Off the Media: Obama-O-Rama

Obama with New Yorker editor David Remnick at the American Magazine Conference in Phoenix last week

On the Media this time is, uncharacteristically, obsessed with the same things as everyone in the media (and it’s not even a foreign story). In covering the Barack Obama love-in, co-host Brooke Gladstone interviews the National Journal‘s William Powers, who talks about the various stages of someone going through the pre-election lovefest phenomenon — from “arrival,” to “meta-piece” to Meet the Press to cut down and — we’re still waiting for this one — big mistake. But while OTM’s right that Obama is the Democrats’ great black hope, they leave out one stage in the process: the coverage of the coverage on On the Media.

And then the good GarStone (or is it GladField) duo wonder off into further well-charted waters: coverage of the upcoming elections coverage, and the layoffs at NBC. In fact, by the time they reached the 30th anniversary of Network — by the dulcet-toned Sara Fishko — we were nearly sweating with anticipation, wondering where all this week’s news about Middle East news had gone. (Just kidding, on more than one level. But you knew that.)

An OTM ad this week promised more on the elections. We can’t wait.

But while we’re on the topic of layoffs, our friends Howie Kurtz of WaPo and Jeff Jarvis are having it out. In a (poorly formed) nutshell: Should editors recognize competitive realities and reshape the newsroom (Jarvis), or are the cuts led by finance people who could give a crap (Kurtz)?