Off the Media: Foreign, Obsession

On the Media goes foreign again this week, but stays within U.S. borders. They not only tell us that an Indian reservation doesn’t have First Amendment rights, but also make us wonder if our so-called “freedom of speech” is really more like “freedom of abuse” when reporters can swarm all over people in mourning who maybe don’t want to talk.

And it visits the crossword puzzle obsession, with the obligatory (if you’re talking about crossword puzzles) New York Times puzzle editor Will Shortz, whom we really like; the time we saw him in person at Bryant Park he seemed really nice and approachable for all his blue-haired groupies. But it was a little odd hearing him recite the lyrics to a 1925 pop tune about crossword puzzles:

You treat me like an orphan in a storm.
Crossword books won’t keep my tootsies warm.
Crossword mama, you puzzle me,
but papa’s gonna figure you out.

And we know the Jared Stern story broke Friday, the day OTM goes in the can, but, guys, this is one time to tear up the script, especially when some stations aren’t going to play your show until Monday or Tuesday of the next week. Is there any other media story that anyone’s paid real attention to since then?