Off the Bus Looks at CNN’s Custom Made Videos


Huffington Post’s Off the Bus project shifts into high gear and gets the real story on CNN and YouTube’s custom-crafted debate videos, shown on CNN last night. From the post, written by Jay Rosen:

CNN, which had exclusive control over which questions got asked in last night’s co-production with YouTube, had a Kucinich supporter ask Dennis Kucinich a Kucinich question.

CNN didn’t just “pick the questions.” They identified contributors and in some cases worked with them to shape the video. Mark Strauss from Davenport, Iowa, asked what the candidates intend to do about healthcare for the elderly. He told OffTheBus that “CNN called him and requested that he re-shoot the question and keep it to twenty-seven seconds.”

FBLA wishes the OTB gang would have tracked down the person singing the request for a pardon for a parking ticket or the snowman asking about global warming.