Of the 99 Problems, Interior Design Is One

If you’re anything like us, when you think of hip-hop celebrity slash media mogul, Jay-Z, your mind immediately goes to interior design. Or, wait, what? In another case of “you stole my ideas” (but far, far, far more fun that yesterday’s post about the ongoing Flight 93 memorial troubles), the UPI and the NY Post released stories about a lawsuit that was just filed again Jay-Z for stealing, or rather, using interior design work without permission. Here’s the scoop:

Ilan Waisbrod said he designed the interior of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan — complete with flat-screen TV, hanging chairs and a Lucite safe guarding the cognac. In the suit filed last week, Waisbod claims Jay-Z used similar designs for a second 40/40 Club in Atlantic City, the New York Post reported.

For extra reading, here’s some info on Studio GAIA, which was founded by Ilan Waisbrod, and was the firm who put the 40/40 Club together.