oDesk Adds Facebook Connect. Will it Be Useful?

oDesk, the web-based tool for workteams, now supports Facebook Connect. This goes for both oDesk registered buyers and service providers, extending oDesk user capabilities to find the right person for the job within their social graph.

The three main aspects of oDesk’s Facebook Connect integration include the ability to share information including job openings, oDesk profile updates, and test results. As your oDesk profile acts as your online resume, an update to your profile could mean you have added more job experience or have received certification that adds a few letters after your name.

These are important updates for an employee seeking work, and acts as a way to promote themselves directly to those in their social graph. In a way, this goes hand in hand with oDesk’s free skill certification tests, which act as verification to make employees more credible and less able to lie on their level of knowledge and experience.

Whether a user is seeking advice or recommendations from friends for filling a job position they’ve posted or they’re looking for a way to broaden their own visibility and promote their work, oDesk is utilizing Facebook Connect for the purpose of spreading its content through users’ social graphs. In this way, each user is better able to leverage their personal connections and apply that towards finding the right match for the right job.

oDesk isn’t the first company to use Facebook connectivity and the concept of its users’ social graph for the purpose of connecting people around jobs. But the result for the majority of these applications and use cases for Facebook is the same in that they all look to truly leverage the social graph for networking purposes, and they compete with LinkedIn to a certain degree.

Towards that end, LinkedIn has released several updates to its own service in order to keep up. Most of these changes reflect the necessity for passive updating, meaning that changes made to your LinkedIn profile are parsed through an internal news feed and can also be sent to your email inbox. For a dedicated professional network such as LinkedIn, you know that the updates coming through are more relevant to your work life.

oDesk’s Facebook integration however could mean that updates sent through your Facebook social graph may fall on deaf ears. This is because some of your contacts on Facebook may not be related to your work life, or those that are may see so many irrelevant things in their news feed from other friends that they miss your work-related update. Nevertheless, the added visibility won’t hurt your cause, especially as Facebook continues to grow and continues to add custom filtering options for individual news feeds.

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