Ode to Moveable Type


When we said that the NYT Building installation Moveable Type was like poetry, we were dead serious, but that doesn’t even come close to how witty, how poignant, Gray Lady Mad Libs can be. Here’s the verse, culled from 156 years of New York Times articles, that revealed itself to us over the course of a few minutes when we met with Ben Rubin (please note forlorn man looking out over the falling leaves above for tone).

when teenagers have parties

On Dec. 6

on Dec. 2 in an unknown place

at 3:02am

Will I see it coming or will I fade away?


Her mother is a statistical analyst in the Melville office of National Grid, a British utilities company.

She graduated from the Juilliard School of Music.

8.6 points and just more than 5 rebounds

$55,000 for those who violate the embargo

We make little bands big bands.

They’ve made it to the big time.

We pay and the people agree. There are no problems.

They call it a ‘spinner for the upper body.’

Basically, watching this for an hour or two would make for a pretty awesome drinking game, something we’re sure the security force in the lobby of the New York Times Building would really appreciate.

Photo by Michel Denancé.