Odds and ends, short-attention-span edition

Odds and ends

– The Downtown News now features a semi-glossy cover. In this week’s issue: Why We Should All Buy Lofts From Downtown News Advertisers, a special advertorial section.

Mickey Kaus‘s busy social schedule: A party on Friday! A party on Sunday (scroll down)! On Saturday, I assume he stayed home and burned mix CDs.

– In Slate, Edward Jay Epstein catalogs Hollywood’s biggest recent business blunders. Topping the list: Edgar Bronfman Jr.’s 1999 sale to Barry Diller of most of Universal Television, which he then had to buy back the next year, in the process losing more than $10 billion.

– Hey, was the LAT the only major paper to get the North Korea nuclear deal on the front page this morning? Looks like it. A shout-out to Pacific Standard Time!

– Speaking of parties Mickey Kaus was at: Jonah Goldberg out-jokes Harry Shearer.