Odd WiFi Connection Problem for HTC HD7 Too (Windows Phone 7)

BGR noted and asked:

Dell Venue Pro plagued by Wi-Fi bug [Update: other phones affected?]

BGR received reports that Venue Pro users had problems connecting to “protected” access points (presumably WPA2). An update to the blog item appears to dispel the hidden SSID theory.

I have an HTC HD7 which, like the Dell Venue Pro, is based on Windows Phone 7. I’ve used it successfully with a number of WiFi access points from a number of manufactuers. None had hidden SSIDs. And, all but one was configured to use WPA2 for authentication. Only two of the access points, were “unconnectable.” These two devices were the same model HP branded access points (did not note the model). Both had visible SSIDs and used WPA2.

If there is a common problem for connecting Windows Phone 7 devices to WiFi access points, hidden SSID does not appear to be the common issue.