Obscure Direct Response Brands Dominate Facebook Chatter

DealDash, 45 Minute Skinny top Coke and Walmart

Even though Facebook's deals strategy has involved hits and misses, it appears that its 800 million users love to either comment about or share low-priced offers. How else to explain DealDash—an auctions-based Web player focusing on heavily discounted items—beating out the likes of Coca-Cola and Walmart when it comes to the social platform's People Talking About This (PTAT) metric?

PTAT rates brand posts according to how many interactions they generate, such as likes, shares, comments, mentions, check-ins, etc. Facebook introduced the metric in late 2011, attempting to give marketers a clearer view of the effectiveness of their messaging on the social site. When asked about PTAT in the last year or so, most brands speaking with Adweek have said they pay close attention to the stat.

And, per research from SocialBakers exclusively shared with our publication, DealDash is reigning supreme. It seems remarkable that the New York-based company—with roughly 1.2 million Facebook fans—creates more interaction than Coke (65 million fans) and Walmart (29 million). Also according to SocialBakers, a body-conscious garment marketer called 45 Minute Skinny is doing a superb job creating Facebook chatter.

Check out the full Top 10 lists for U.S. and global brands in terms of PTAT, per SocialBakers.


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