Obama Catches Flak Over Plans to Cut Two Preservation Programs

Like every national leader has before him, President Obama is catching heat from every possible angle. You just can’t win in a position in power. This time around, he’s caught the ire of a group in our circle of coverage: the preservationists. As part of a movement to curb spending, Obama has cancelled two programs, the National Trust for Historic Preservation‘s grant program, Save America’s Treasures, and Preserve America, the 2003 initiative designed to promote preservation. By cutting both programs, the White House hopes to save more than $200 million. As you might have guessed, this move hasn’t pleased preservationists a bit. Pat Lally, the congressional affairs director for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has responded at length to the cutback, which Save America’s Treasures have now republished on the front page of their site. And Treehuggerhas a good collection of other responses to the proposed slicing, all quite angry that the White House said of the organizations, “Both programs lack rigorous performance metrics and evaluation efforts so the benefits are unclear.”