O Magazine Announces O You! Event in Atlanta

O You! is O magazine’s major event, where the magazine comes to life with a series of seminars and workshops by the magazine’s most popular contributors, hosted by O Editor-at-Large Gayle King. Publisher Jill Seelig tells FishbowlNY that about 5000 women will be attending this year’s conference on October 15 in Atlanta, Georgia, where the magazine has hosted events before. “We absolutely love it!” she said.

Contributors you can expect to see there include Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, Martha Beck, Donna Brazile, Peter Walsh, Bob Green, Adam Glassman, and Val Monroe. The program will also include content from Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“For the first few years of the magazine’s life, we were doing events with Oprah herself,” Seelig said. “Her schedule has obviously become busier, but the contributors to this magazine have become celebrities in their own right. We really saw value in bringing them together and allowing the readers to interact with them. The impetus was really to give our readers more access to these contributors that they’ve come to know and love.”

Readers can also enter to win a trip for two to attend this year’s event.

“We’re thinking about having our contributors bring real women in, and lead panels. The piece of the magazine where we focus on real women hasn’t really been brought into the event before, but I think we’d like to do that this year.”

This is also the first year that the website for O You! is on Oprah.com. “The digital component is much more robust this year… it will really give our readers more access to this event,” Seelig said. While O magazine works with Oprah.com on a daily basis, collaboration between the two on such a large scale only began with O magazine’s 10th anniversary last year.

“Because it was such a big success, and such a big traffic driver for them, they want to continue to collaborate with us,” said Seelig. O is also talking to Oprah’s OWN network about how they want to participate.

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