NYWICI Career Conference Inspires and Prepares Media Students

New York Women in Communications, Inc.,  is always up to something — whether it’s industry focused ‘Twitter Chats,” sponsored networking events or running their blog with insider information and tips for the career oriented.

This past weekend, they hosted a Student Career Conference at New York University, where over 300 students gathered to listen to keynote speakers such as Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code and Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky.

Students attended break out panel sessions throughout the day with industry professionals — all women, of course — covering topics ranging from “Blogging 101”, “Digital Marketing and Advertising” and “Careers in Broadcast Television”  among others. 

Like happens so often in media, there was some cross-over in themes at the break out panels. Julia Corbett, who’s graduating in December from The College of New Jersey, told via email that it was interesting to learn about personal branding through social media — in the “Magazine Writing for Print and Online” panel: 

The speakers said that you should tailor your social media accounts to accurately depict the best version of your professional self. Have personality because you don’t want to seem like a robot—you don’t want the person you present on your channels to not match up to who you actually are. At the same time, however, find a balance. If you’re always tweeting about your industry and your clips, randomly posting a picture of you and your cat might confuse people.

And some writing advice:

Another good takeaway from the magazine panel was that as writers, we have to be clear. One of the panelists said that clear is the new clever.

Like any career conference should, the day ended with a panel discussion called “What To Do With Everything You Learned Today.” Corbett said for her and her peers, it was the most inspiring:

We all have these big goals, and want to know how to get there, but it’s more important to remember the ‘why’ behind our dreams, not the ‘how’ – that’s what really keeps you on track. Also they suggested some great networking tips, like suggesting a Skype informational interview if someone is too busy for you to come into the office.

If you’re in the New York area, the NYWICI Foundation hosts many events you can check out here. If not, there’s also virtual events and lots of resources for any rookie or veteran in the business. Follow them at @NYWICI