NYU Professor Removes Part of Camera from His Head

Reporters, journalists, writers – we all enjoy documenting the world around us. But Wafaa Bilal, the man who had a camera implanted in his skull as part of an art project, obviously took this to the extreme. Now, he’s had to remove a part of the camera because of the intense pain it’s been causing him.

Bilal was commissioned by a museum in Qatar to have the camera – which takes pictures each minute, then broadcasts them online – installed for one year, but a post that holds the camera to his head has become intolerable. As of now he has the camera strapped to his neck, with plans to reaattach a smaller model in his head soon.

FishbowlNY understands the desire to capture life as it happens – we once covered a fish getting a name for god’s sake – but maybe Bilal should take the hint from his body and quit. Believe it or not, the world has plenty of pictures, updates, live-feeds and information. We need more media like Bilal needs another hole in his head.