NYTimes Launches ‘First Draft,’ a Weekday Morning Political Briefing


Today, The New York Times launched “First Draft,” a weekday tip sheet focused on politics and Washington distributed via email around 7am and updated with content throughout the day.

FishbowlDC spoke to NYTimes chief Washington correspondent Carl Hulse, who said that “First Draft” is “more of a supplement to our broader political coverage.”

“Our main approach right now is that its going to have more original content from us – even different from that day’s paper. New matieral that hasn’t serviced elsewhere,” said Hulse. “We have so many reporters here…our people are very active. We just want to fully utilize the reporting tools that we have.”

Hulse wrote on its landing page ahead of its 7:19am debut, “The goal is to inform and entertain with sharp writing, video, graphics and photography​,​ and provide a digital window into the nation’s political tumult.”

Like its competitors, including POLITICO’s Playbook, “First Draft” features the outlet’s reporting as well as links to relevant, competitor-published news articles. And at the time, it is yet to have sponsorship, although that could change, as HuffPost’s Michael Calderone reported this morning.

In case you missed it, check it out here.